Client Protection Principles

Suitable product design and distribution

HORIZONTI will take appropriate measures for the development of products and for methods of their distribution that will not harm the clients. The products and their distribution will be designed taking into account the needs and capacities of the clients.

Prevention of over-indebtedness

HORIZONTI will take all necessary measures at all stages of the credit process to determine if the client has a repayment capacity to avoid their over-indebtedness. In addition, HORIZONTI will apply and monitor internal systems that support overdraft prevention and will make efforts to promote credit risk management in market (such as exchange of credit information).


HORIZONTI will provide clear, sufficient and timely information in a way and language understandable to clients, so they can make decisions based on accurate information. In particular, this applies to transparency of pricing information, payment terms and other contractual terms.

Responsible pricing

Prices, terms and conditions will be set to be acceptable to client and at the same time enabling financial sustainability of the organization.;

Respect and fair treatment of the clients

HORIZONTI and its employees will provide fair and equal treatment to clients and will treat them with respect. There will be no discrimination. HORIZONTI will provide appropriate protection measures for the timely detection and prevention of corruption, as well as from any aggressive and unacceptable behaviour towards clients by employees, especially during the sales and debt collection process.

Client Data Protection

The rules of data protection for each individual client will be respected in accordance with the law and regulations of the competent institutions. These data will be used exclusively for the purposes determined when the data are collected or as provided by law, unless otherwise agreed with the client.

Complaints Mechanisms

HORIZONTI will introduce timely and accessible mechanisms for handling and addressing customer claims and complaints, and they will use them to promote their products and services.




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