Jasharovski Family

Kadrie Jasharovska has spent all of her married life in a 20 square meter room that is part of the house owned by her father-in-law.

Kadrie and her husband Eles have managed to find their way and live in such conditions over the years, but this situation has come upon a dramatic change since their twin children, Ilmiya and Imer, entered their lives. As the twins, a boy and a little girl, grew, so did the problems regarding the lack of living space.

The house with three separate rooms shared by the family with the father-in-law was certainly not that small for the five family members. However, the main problem was that one of these three rooms was completely damaged by dampness. The house was built in 1967 and since then it has been renovated only once, and even then, during the mentioned renovation, only one half of the house was refurbished, the one used by their father-in-law. From the remaining two rooms in the house, the family Jasharovski was forced to use the room that was less damaged over the years, while using the completely damaged room as a storage room.

With the loan from Horizonti in the amount of 100,000 denars, the family Jasharovski completely renovated and reconstructed the damaged room, which was entirely dilapidated before the repair and at constant risk the roof to collapse at any moment. The damaged windows which Kadrie repeatedly covered with blankets to put off the cold from the rooms were replaced with new windows.




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