Who are our clients?

Clients of microcredit organizations are usually people with low monthly income and lower social status, having no access to formal financial institutions. Customers are usually self-employed and often home-based entrepreneurs and businesses involve the whole family. In many cases, revenues from these small family businesses are the only income in the family covering all household expenditures and investments.

In urban areas those clients are retailers, vendors, street sellers, craftsmen, small service providers, minor production, and the like. In rural areas, they are usually small farmers, individual agricultural producers, who produce food of plant and animal origin, such as: milk producers, farmers, early gardeners and others. Characteristic for both categories is their vulnerability to environmental change causing unstable income and inconsistent business.

The importance of financial support of this target group for society is high if one takes into account the high unemployment rate and reduced opportunities for these people from another type of employment.
HORIZONTI pay special attention to the woman entrepreneur and her involvement in the decision making process related to the business or the family




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