Forum to Express Interest in Identifying and Motivating Persons to Participate in Financial Education Trainings

The Macedonian Enterprise Development Foundation (MEDF) is implementing the USAID-funded project “Inclusion and Innovation in Micro Financing”. The project is implemented jointly with the Alliance of Microfinance Organizations as the main implementer and the Savings House Mozhnosti, Microcredit Foundation Horizonti and Savings House FULM as sub-implementers.

As part of the project, MEDF conducted financial knowledge trainings applying tailor-made programs for the following target groups:


2.Micro Enterprise Entrepreneurs


4.Persons planning to start a business

In order to provide wider access for the target group to these trainings, MEDF invites all legal entities defined in subsection 2 of this Call to express interest in the identification and motivation of persons who would participate in financial knowledge trainings.

MEDF plans to conduct 23 two-day trainings on financial knowledge throughout the territory of the Republic of Macedonia over the period until 31.12.2017.

The trainings will be organized for separate target groups of at least 20 participants, within two consecutive days, for approximately 6 hours per day.

The location of the training will be determined in the nearest location to the place of residence of the participants.

The training costs (providing a trainer, location and food for the participants) will be covered by MEDF.

1. The training costs (providing a trainer, location and food for the participants) will be covered by MEDF.

The training costs (providing a trainer, location and food for the participants) will be covered by MEDF.

2. Right to participate

Participation is open to legal entities, regardless of their legal form (organizations, enterprises or educational institutions) with the task of developing entrepreneurship and/or entrepreneurial education and/or job search mediation, as well as organizations of farmers and entrepreneurs or their trade unions and chambers which are in direct communication with one of the target groups listed above.

Legal entities should be active in the last 2 (two) years in the areas referred to in paragraph 1 of this Article and have at least 50 members or persons from the target groups who are in direct communication.

Due to the limited number of trainings, MEDF reserves the right to enter into contract with a legal entity that meets the requirements of paragraphs 1 and 2 of this item as per the “first come – first served” principle, taking into account the balanced coverage of the target group and balanced regional coverage.

3. Methods of expressing interest

The interested parties, the legal entities referred to in paragraph 1 of item 2, shall submit a filled out form expressing interest..

The form shall be submitted electronically (scanned) to the following e-mail address: ima@mrfp.mk, or delivered to the premises of MEDF at: Nikola Parapunov Str., 41a, 1060 Skopje (marked: 2-IMA-2017).

The number of training courses for which the participants concerned have interest is not limited. MEDF reserves the right to define the maximum number of trainings per individual legal entity, as per paragraph 3 of item 2.

о одделно правно лице, согласно став 3 од точка 2.

4. Deadline for expressing interest

The call is open until 30.11.2017, or until completion of the planned 23 trainings. MEDF reserves the right to increase the number of trainings, depending on the interest for trainings and funding opportunities.

5. Reimbursement of expenses

For legal entities that MEDF will conclude a cooperation agreement with, a fee of 7,500 MKD (seven thousand and five hundred denars) per training is anticipated. The fee is intended to cover the costs for identifying and motivating at least 20 people from the defined target groups to participate in two-day training on financial knowledge. The number of participants during the training should not be less than 15.

6. Method of payment

Payout of the funds under item 5 will be made after the training was completed on the basis of a list of attendance of at least 20 persons from the target group. If the legal entity that will conclude a cooperation agreement with MEDF is a VAT payer, should prepare an invoice prepared in accordance with the legal regulations for preparing invoices for projects funded by foreign donors that are exempt from VAT.

7. Date and place of trainings

The trainings should be organized in the period from 01.02. – 31.12.2017

The indicative period of conducting trainings is as follows:

•Trainings for farmers, February – April 2017

• Trainings for micro enterprise entrepreneurs May – June 2017
• Trainings for students, October 2017
• Trainings for persons planning to start a business, April – May 2017

The exact date and place of the trainings will be additionally agreed.




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