HORIZONTI provide financial support and meet the requirements of small business owners, individual farmers and people with housing needs. In addition to its main mission, providing financial services to the poor and marginalized groups of citizens, microfinancing is increasingly becoming an important economic development lever with significant socio-economic effects. Micro-financing is particularly focused on people involved in certain economic endeavors and crave financial means for improving their business and living standards. HORIZONTI support micro entrepreneurs, promote women’s participation in business, and offers easier access to funds in rural areas.

If you are a farmer who needs a loan to invest in the farming industry, regardless if required for procurement of machinery and equipment or supply of raw materials and intermediate goods, HORIZONTI will provide you with financial support. With its MICRO-AGRI LOANS, HORIZONTI deliver the best and fastest financial support to individual agricultural producers.

Planning a home renovation? HORIZONTI are your trusted partner. With the MICRO HOUSING LOANS during reconstruction, repairs, renovation or other interventions improve the conditions at home and get support – free building advice from a professional, references and information, HORIZONTI allows you to create a healthy and pleasant home for you and your family.

HORIZONTI offer you the best and fastest financial support for your business. Со MICRO BUSINESS LOANS start a new life story and open new horizons, we are here to support your success. Invest in your business and reach your ideas.

Our goal is to offer sustainable access to financial services for those individuals who have limited access or have no access to formal financial institutions at all. The services offered by HORIZONTI contribute to the creation of new jobs and thus directly help for economic stability of the country.






Microcredit Foundation HORIZONTI
Blvd. St. Kliment Ohridski 58B, ent. 2, floor 3
1000 Skopje, Macedonia
E-mail: kontakt@horizonti.org.mk