Jagoda Despotovska

Jagoda is a 47-year-old mother of two. She is a client of Horizonti since 2001. Jagoda’s business is confectionery production.

The business idea was born 2-3 years before the start of the business. At the beginning, I dealt only with confectionery products retail, but not production. I was selling confectionery products together with my brother. The resourceful know-how regarding the production process of pastry products, the experience gained concerning the market demand for these products and the acquired regular clients enabled me to take the chance of selling my own confectionary products on the market.”

The initial production capacity of Jagoda was 200 pieces of confectionery per day. Today it counts 4,500 pieces daily.
“I started the business alone, in a small room in my house, using an old stove. The loans from Horizonti helped me extensively in growing the business, given the fact that I had no access to loans from other financial institutions. I invested my first loan in the purchase of 3 stoves. Subsequent loans were used to build a workspace.”

Jagoda is currently repaying her 17th loan from Horizonti. Today’s basic working assets owned by Jagoda include: 10 stoves, 4 refrigerators, one large stove, and a vehicle for distribution of products. The business counts 5 employees in production and 2 in distribution. Today, it uses parallel loans, one Group loan in the amount of 900 euros for working capital and one individual loan in the amount of 3,000 euros for small investment needs.





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