HORIZONTI joined the network of partner lending institutions of EFSE

EFSE funding will support Macedonian small farmers and micro entrepreneurs from rural areas in the country. Frankfurt and Skopje, December 19, 2014 – The European Fund for Southeast Europe (EFSE) continues to spread its network of partner lending institutions with signing the first loan agreement with the Macedonian Micro Finance Organization “Horizonti”. The EUR 500,000 loan from EFSE will enable “Horizonti” a more efficient resolution of the credit needs of small farmers and micro enterprises in Macedonian rural areas.
The mission of Horizonti is to provide low income households, primarily women entrepreneurs, but also socially excluded and marginalized groups, an easy and reliable access to finance. In doing so, Horizonti also supports micro-entrepreneurs and small individual farmers located in rural parts of the country. EFSE’s investment will support Horizonti’s strategies to expand its operations in remote rural areas to ensure available loans to support the underdeveloped agricultural sector, as being an EFSE target sub-sector. The collaboration between Horizonti and EFSE started with the EFSE development tool, where it provided technical assistance to Horizonti, to better analyse the agricultural sector, development of credit products better suited to this market, and to improve credit policy.

“The missions of Horizonti and EFSE are fully in line,” says Monica Beck, Chairman of the EFSE Board. “With its proven mission to support low-income households, but economically active, Horizonti is an important contribution to our network of partner lending institutions and a major step forward towards achieving our mission to foster economic development and prosperity.”

“For Horizonti, the cooperation with EFSE means more than additional funds for the growth of the loan portfolio,” says Vasil Davaliev, CEO of Horizonti. “We think EFSE as a strategic partner for our further institutional development. We really rely on the expertise of EFSE and we look forward to long-term support to cover and serve the clients more efficiently.”




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